The Company announced that Farellon, near La Serena, will begin further development of the Hugo Decline in the next week to extend the underground workings and access the 376 m level. This will provide access to two additional working faces bringing the total to six working faces. The Hugo decline extension will be approximately 50 m and will be completed in approximately 6 weeks in tandem with ongoing monthly production. Farellon is a high-grade Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold system with a 5,000 tonnes/month license and permit. Since Q1 2018, Altiplano has extracted approximately 2.24 million pounds of copper from mineralized copper material with an average copper grade of 1.80%. During July 2020, Farellon produced approximately 4,100 tonnes of mineralized Cu/Au material at an approximated grade of 1.8% copper, and shipped a total of 3,762 tonnes for processing. July activity demonstrated a 63.6% increase in production and a 34.4% increase in tonnes shipped compared to June 2020.

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