Skarn Cu-Au (Mo) deposit in the Tarapacá Region of Chile

The Constancia Project is located in the Tarapacá Region 16km southwest of Huara and 30 km northeast of Iquique, close to the Lagarto project. It is accessed from Alto Hospicio 20 km by Route A-610, and 15 km by Route A-414 to the North direction to Caleta Buena. Its central coordinates are 7,781,000N– 405,000E. In the area there are ancient mining works, worked by hand, which are exposed in an approximate area of 2km x 1 km, following a NS guideline, between the Rosario Sur and Rosario Norte mines. The geology consists of the location of granodiorites and monzonites, belonging to the Huara intrusive complex of Upper Cretaceous age, which intrude a Jurassic sedimentary sequence, generating marbleization and Skarn of garnets as the principal alteration. The mining property covers approximately 1,300 hectares and geological mapping was carried out on it 1: 10,000, and surface sampling. Subsequently, a total of 2,134 m of drillings (RC and DDH) were carried out, highlighting intercepts of 40 meters with 0.22% CuT and 66m with 180ppm Mo. However, the most notable mineralization is expressed in surface workings, with Cu values of up to 3% in the oxide zone (mainly atacamite and chrysocolla). In the mixed zone Py and Cpy predominate with weak replacement to Cc and Cv.

The drill holes intercepted skarnified calcareous units with powers greater than 300 meters, in addition to evaporite levels (gypsum, anhydrite and epsomite). An intense alteration of garnets (grossularite> andradite) and a lower content of pyroxenes, calcite and chlorite, have also been identified.
The Constancia project is classified as a Cu-Au– (Mo) skarn system, with untested zones, mainly to the north, where intrusive mineralizers or skarn zones of similar or higher grade could be located, in addition to favorable structural zones without testing and of great geological potential.

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Ricardo Gonzalez Montecinos
Gerente de Exploraciones y Nuevos Negocios Metálicos.

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