Cretaceous porphyry related to the Tovaku cluster 

The Galenosa Sur project is located in the II Region, 190km north-east of Antofagasta, 9 km south-west of Tovaku Project (Pucobre/Codelco) and 43 km north-west of the town of Maria Ele-na. Positioned in the Cretaceous belt where there are mineralized porphyry systems like Tovaku (>500Mt @ 0.25% Cu), Antucoya (642Mt @ 0.35% Cu) and Carmen de Andacollo (19Mt @0,77%Cu). The area was identified by means of a reconnaissance mapping focused in the proximity of known deposits, following the concept of a po-tential mineralized cluster over an area of 2 km by 2km. Multiple intrusive events were observed with porphyritic textures, which are carriers of veinlets (type A and B) that form a stockwork with oxidized Cu mineralization and chlorite-epidote alteration superimposed on a potassic background. Lithologically, metasedimentary units of the El Toco Formation (Pz-Sup) are intruded by dacitic complexes and granodiorites. This project has limited geological mapping, some surface geochemistry samples, and results from a caliche drill hole grid. A total of 591 m of DDH reconnaissance drilling was performed, with initial intercepts of 11m of 0.25%Cu and 29m of 0.13% Cu in one of the holes, represented by a mixed mineralization of brochantite, chrysocolla, (atacamite) and chalcopyrite and molybdenite.

This project is related to a porphyry system (Cu-Mo) cluster, with favorable, but covered areas with potential to intercept new intrusive related mineralization, or similar higher grade, as well as favorable structural zones that have yet to be tested.

This project has easy access, only 45km from Maria Elena on route 5-North, then one to a well-established track that leads to the West (Estación Tigre). The project area comprises more than 300 hectares, where less than 40% of the hectares have been explored. 


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