Visible gold (Au) related to a dominant structural system

The Junin Project is located in Region I, 130km northeast of Iquique and 60km northwest of Huara, and close to the San Lorenzo Mine with an estimated exploitation of 20,000 ounces of Au (corresponding to 10% ounces of the entire district). The area was identified by the exploration of third parties in old mining activities, by conducting systematic sampling of mineralized veins. In an area of ​​4km by 4km different samples were found with mineralization of Fe oxides, copper oxides, specular hematite and opal quartz, related to structures with a width ranging from 0.5 to 1.5 meters. Approximately 60% of the area is covered, but it stands out for the strong structural control N50-60E, where it is possible to identify more than 30 structures with different lengths (from 50 to 900 meters). This project has geological mapping and geochemical sampling in old  mining areas and recently recognized structures during field mapping, has ICP and Au analysis (with values ​​ranging between 1 and 30 gr / ton of Au and 0.5 and 1.5% of Cu) . Mineralization occurs in opal quartz intercropped in the banded zone and in the development of hydrothermal breccias with the presence of microcrystalline quartz.  


In lithology, the geology of Junin project is characterized by intrusive rocks of the granodiorite-monzodiorite type belonging to the intrusive strip of the Cordillera de la Costa in the area of ​​Pisagua. The current    model of this project is a vein type system with economic interest values ​​of Au-Fe-Cu (IOCG?), With favorable covered areas to intercept structures with new mineralizing volumes of great geological potential. Finally, it is important to note that a large part of the work was concentrated in mineralized areas and with structural evidence, where drilling targets have been defined that allow validating structural models with great economic potential.

This project has easy access, is 25km from the 5-North road (Huara-Pisagua) and is approximately 60 km northwest of Huara. It comprises a total area greater than 150 hectares


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