Geochemical anomalies in the Cretaceous belt

The Loa Norte project is in Region II, 60 km north of the Puntilla-Galenosa district and 60km northwest of the town of Quillagua. Located in the Cretaceous metallogenic belt where there are mineralized porphyries such as Tovaku (> 500Mt @ 0.25% Cu) and Antucoya (642Mt @ 0.35% Cu).

The area was identified through the chemical analysis of caliche drilling, which gave Cu and Mo anomalies (up to 80ppm). Subsequently, a geological reconnaissance program confirmed evidence of copper oxides on the surface and multiple vein events, related to areas of propylitic and biotitic hydrothermal alteration. Lithologically, the presence of intrusive rocks of granodioritic and monzogranitic composition, of Upper Cretaceous age, and andesites and tuffs of the La Negra Formation. This district has geological mapping, surface samples and caliche drill hole data.

On the other hand, a total of 2645 m of RC scout drilling (max depth of 200 m), highlighted intercepts (XRF) of 70 meters with 0.1% Cu and lesser intervals with values of 0.37% Cu, mainly associated with chrysocolla, black oxides and traces of chalcopyrite and covellite. Finally, it is important to highlight that around 50% of the property is covered and that the drilling activity did not exceed 200 meters depth; other anomalies are in Pb (> 500ppm) and Zn (> 2000ppm).

This project requires deeper drilling in the Cerro Quebradillas sector (seeking to increase the extension of alteration and mineralization of the sector) and finally, to carry out new drilling to the south, where favorable structural zones are tergetted.

This project is accessible from Maria Elena (120 km) on Highway 5 north that connects the towns of Quillagua with Maria Elena, following a secondary road to the Salar Grande (southwest direction). The project area comprises more than 8000 hectares, where at least 50% of the hectares are covered by colluvium and alluvium.

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