Available Exploration Alliance Area: Taltal District (Nitona, Chango, Adriana, J9)

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The Taltal District is located in Region II, 120 km southeast of Antofagasta and 90 km northeast of Taltal. The area has geophysics, geological mapping, geochemistry, trenches and drillholes. Particularly, radiometry, magnetometry, IP, soil and rock geochemistry, caliche drillholes and AR/DDH drillholes. Nitona, in an area of 1km per 1km, different samples were found with mineralization of copper oxides just by removing the caliche layer (<2mts). Approximately 70% of the area is covered, but it stands out for being a thin cover with high grade mineralized areas. On the other hand, there is a total of 5600 meters in 50 holes (AR/DDH) with an average depth of 130 meters, highlighting intercepts with 24 meters with 0.64% CuT / 0.43 CuS, 14 meters with 1.23% CuT / 1.1% CuS and 14 meters with 0.9% CuT / 0.84% CuS. For this Project, an internal resources estimation was elaborated, showing a mineralization of 5.6 Mton with 0.56% Cu grade.

The geology is characterized by volcanic and sedimentary rocks related to Aeropuerto Formation, which in turn is intruded by a series of andesitic porphyry and dioritic sills.

The last quarter of 2021, the District was analyzed using Artificial Intelligence tools with the support of Mineral Forecast (www.mineralforecast.com). As a result, tendencies were identified in the available data that can explain the already discovered mineralization. The goal was to identify these patterns in the whole District, to then identify targets with similar characteristics. The main patterns found in the surface that explain underground mineralization are the presence of high grades of silver, copper, and molybdenum in the surface. Also, N60W structures, the presence of diorite porphyry, and a low reading in nano tesla from TMI magnetometry.  Targets with potential mineralization were identified in the district using these patterns. To the 3 targets already identified ones, 6 new targets with potential mineralization appeared. These targets must be analyzed in detail.

This project has easy access, is 20km from the 1-North road (Paposo-Taltal) and is approximately 90 km north of Taltal. It comprises a total of more than 8000 hectares.

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