We are a company dedicated to promoting knowledge and collaboration in the geological industry in Latin America. We specialize in the organization of congresses, trainings and seminars, as well as in the creation of networking opportunities for professionals in the sector. With a committed team and a wide network of contacts in the region, we strive to provide high quality events that promote the exchange of ideas, the formation of strategic alliances and professional development in the industry.

At Chile Explore Group, we are passionate about driving progress in the mining industry through high quality events and customized services. With years of experience and a highly skilled team, we are committed to excellence, innovation and collaboration. Find out more about our history, our team and our core values.


Our mission is to be the premier facilitator of knowledge, connections and opportunities for geology and mineral exploration professionals and companies in Latin America. We are committed to providing world-class events that promote learning, innovation and professional growth in the industry. We seek to create a space where experts can share their knowledge, professionals can expand their skills and companies can build strong relationships that drive progress and sustainability in the sector.


Our vision is to be recognized as the trusted partner for all players in the geological and mining industry in Latin America. We strive to be a leader in creating events that inspire, educate and connect the geological and mining community, thus contributing to the sustainable and responsible development of the industry in the region. We seek to be a driving force in promoting best practices, technological innovation and collaboration among all stakeholders, with the goal of driving long-term growth and success in the Latin American geological and mining industry.

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The faces behind our success

Iain Cassidy

Managing Director

Gladys Salazar

Operations Manager

Lilyan Leiva

Project Coordinator

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