The discovery of a new zone with multiple high-grade copper mineralization has reinforced the theory that the Marimaca project, located in the Antofagasta region, could become a major open pit mine. 

The Marimaca project is owned by Coro Mining (TSXV: COP), and so far hosts a deposit that extends over 1.4 kilometers with four defined targets.

The results of the latest drilling campaign in the Atahualpa zone found multiple high-grade copper mineralization and a copper oxide zone on the surface with sulfides at depth.

“We are very excited by these results at Atahualpa. We have discovered new multiple high grade zones within the oxide zone at surface, and for the first time, we are also starting to see fairly continuous higher grade primary sulphide and secondary mineralization open at depth. These results continue to confirm our thesis that Marimaca has the potential to be a large-scale open pittable copper deposit and will now be incorporated in the enlarged project resource estimate, which remains on track for completion during the third quarter 2019,” CEO Luis Tondo stated.

Results from the drilling confirmed oxide mineralization, including:

32 metres @ 0.68% CuT (Hole ATR-78), 50 metres @ 0.57% CuT (Hole ATR-80), 58 metres @ 0.77% CuT (Hole ATR-85), 26 metres @ 1.10% CuT (Hole ATR-87) and  20 metres @ 0.74% CuT (Hole ATR-94).

Results from the drilling confirmed mixed oxide-enriched sulphide mineralization, including:

34 metres @ 3.14% CuT (Hole ATR-66), 42 metres @ 1.73% CuT (Hole ATR-75), 60 metres @ 0.81% CuT (Hole ATR-77), 26 metres @ 0.94% CuT (Hole ATR-81), 18 metres @ 1.68% CuT (Hole ATR-87), 22 metres averaging 1.41% CuT (Hole ATR-93).

 Results from the drilling confirmed primary sulphide mineralization, including:

26 metres @ 0.97% CuT (Hole ATR-78), 16 metres @ 1.4% CuT (Hole ATR-79),  44 metres @ 1.05% CuT (Hole ATR-82), 26 metres @ 0.84% CuT (Hole ATR-84), 36 metres @ 1.68% CuT (Hole ATR-85), 38 metres @ 1.04% CuT (Hole ATR-93) and 78 metres @ 1.30% CuT (Hole ATR-94).

The company has completed 92 drill holes that total 24,816 meters, twice as much as originally planned. It is expected that estimated project resources will be published during the third quarter of this year. 

Marimaca has become one of the most important copper discoveries in Chile during the past few years. It has challenged exploration techniques, and opened up new frontiers for other discoveries. 

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